What We Offer

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Torch Media is a platform for local advertisers. Our videos are made with local viewers in mind and we always seek to find the right combination of story, audience and ad design. We call this integrated video marketing. At it's best this strategy creates an audience experience in which the lines between storytelling and marketing, brand and community, fade away. We cannot promise a viral audience, but we do promise the right audience. 

Your Torch Media Presentation Partnership begins with the design and production of one or more 20-second  video advertisements. Your marketing message and the essence of your brand will be communicated directly to the audience though professional voice over, custom video, creative editing and elegant logo animation. 

Once your ad design is complete we will design a video series with a range of goals: they must attract your target demographic, they must support your message, they must adhere to a high standard of journalism and community values, and they must represent all of our advertising partners in the best possible way. 

Once publishing begins, your campaign will launch a weekly video on Torch's social media platform and website. We add banner ads, sponsor cards and a website link to your videos and boost them on Facebook. All videos are available to cross-post and share on your social media and we will deliver copies of your ads.

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