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CHATHAM: Growing your own has never been more popular, whether it's cannabis or the freshest vegetables you've ever eaten. The experts at Maple City Grower's Emporium can help you do both. Even among the pandemic lockdowns and exasperating construction, this hard-tested entrepreneur isn't backing down. Presented by the Community Futures Development Corporation of Chatham-Kent #buylocal #ckont #torchck

Talking About Harm Reduction

Visit to find resources for everyone. Sponsored by the Chatham Kent Drug Awareness Council.

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Torch Media is Chatham-Kent's only all-video news and entertainment source. We are a gritty, grassroots media creator bringing you original video content from around Southwestern Ontario and Chatham-Kent.  


Our short documentaries focus on local human interest stories, fringe news, arts and culture, agriculture and business.


Our mission is to enrich civic discourse and strengthen community identity by documenting the experiences of our correspondents and creators in small communities.​


We monetize our content in partnership with local businesses and organizations, not with the social media platforms. The ads within our videos are part of the uploaded video file itself.

We promote local messages with local ad partners and strive to be a positive force in our community. 


Our sponsors recognize that their support of our story telling platform can impact not just the public's perception of their brand identity, but also the perception of C-K's community identity and the bond between all of us.



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