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CHATHAM- Jesicca revisits one of the carers whom she credits with facilitating a breakthrough moment. Sometimes sound isn't heard, but experienced. Sponsored by Prem. Located at 103 King St. West in Chatham #SIDS #SHOPLOCAL #torchck

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Sound Experience 


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Our mission is to connect our community by documenting and sharing the experiences of our neighbours. 

The Chatham Torch is C-K's only all-video independent reporter. We bring our audience entertaining and informative web video, and offer complete creative services to our advertisers. 

Our short documentaries focus on local human interest stories, fringe news, arts and culture, agriculture and business.

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The wind-blown torch we use in our logo symbolizes our commitment to equality, community and leadership.



We monetize our content in partnership with local businesses and organizations, not with social media platforms. The ads within our videos are part of the uploaded video file itself and were created by us.

Our sponsors recognize that their support of our story telling platform can impact not just the public's perception of their brand identity, but also C-K's community identity and the bond between all of us.

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We promote local messages with local ad partners and strive to be a positive force in our community.

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